Here are just some of the regular vendors present at the Legacy Farmers’ Market:

Bendele Farms


Seasonal farm fresh vegetables, chemical free, locally grown in Devine Texas

Facebook: Bendele Farms

Fernandez Family Farms


Providing fresh fruits and vegetables, family owned and operated, grown in Natalia Texas!

Facebook: Fernandez Family Farms

Grandma’s Garden


Family owned and operated, Grandma’s Garden is located in Bebe, Tx. They specialize in heirloom and unusual produce. Looking for something new? Come check them out!

Music Family Farms


We are a small family run business located in Sisterdale, TX. We grow a variety of summer and winter vegetables including many types of squash, zucchini, cucumbers, corn, okra, peas, melons, tomatoes, and peppers.

Facebook: Music Family Farms

E&D Grassfed Beef


A family working tirelessly to put healthy food on your table! Our cattle are raised with no steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. 100% Grass Fed!

Facebook: E&D Grassfed Beef

Norcross Ranch


Lamb, Cabrito/Chevon, and beef, all-natural family farm raised.

Facebook: Norcross Ranch

Prairie Dell Meat Co


Smoked meats and venison

Flat Rock Ranch


Free range eggs from the Hill Country!

Up On The Roost


Chicken poultry Breeder. Bielefelder, Cream Legbar, Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington, Leghorn, Silkies & Olive Eggers. Chks & hatching eggs avail. Can mail in TX.

Facebook: Up On The Roost

Billy’s Wooden Toys & More


Adorable wooden cars, puzzles, birds, crosses and so much more!

Big Dean’s Kitchen


Cookies, Cookies, Cookies! Big Dean’s Kitchen is a micro-bakery specializing in high-quality, great-tasting cookies.

Facebook: Big Dean’s Kitchen

Happy Gut Foods


Happy Gut Foods ferments raw, dairy free, gluten free, organic or clean fruits vegetables and spices available. We strive to provide the healthiest yummiest fermented food and drink you can get.

Facebook: Happy Gut Foods

It’s My Closet


Skin Loving Handcrafted Products. All organic and it’s pretty!! Organic doesn’t mean it has to be plain and smell unpleasant. Beauty, art, healthy, fun! I love it

Facebook: It’s My Closet

Lucky Dog Bakery


Lucky dog Bakery is one stop bakery for your furry family members favorite home made treat. We only use the highest quality American produce and flours

Facebook: Lucky Dog Bakery

Rick the Beekeeper

20150117_111715 (Small)

Get local honey, Natures Sweet Allergy Relief – pure raw honey

Vendor Website: Rick the Beekeeper

Squirrel Bait Nuts


Tropical Nuts and Fruit
Pina Colada Mix
Mixed Nuts
Nuts and Fruit
Dried Strawberries
Strawberries and Kiwi
Very Berry Mix
Hunnis Mix Granola
Coconut Raisin Granola
Praline Pecans
Coconut Almonds
Squirrel Rub Seasoning
Orange Pepper

Vendor Website: Squirrel Bait Nuts

Facebook: Squirrel Bait nuts

Vicki’s Embroidery


Need something personalized? Vicki can help!